Toton Churches

Connect Groups

Our small groups are called Connect Groups as they are designed to help us connect with God, each other and the wider community we live in. A small group is simply a meeting of around 10 people in someone's house. They meet at various times  and are are based around the five core values:

If you want to find out more about these groups ask at a service or send an enquiry through the Contact Us page of this website.

Connect Group Themes:  June-July 2018

Worldviews: We are living at a time of immense global change, which presents huge challenges for how we live as Christians. Our faith needs to engage actively with a culture that seems to be increasingly disconnected from the Church. People want to see a Christianity that works, that is authentic and actually makes a difference. This series of studies will look at how our faith shapes and impacts upon our worldviews for some current issues.