Toton Churches

Advent Windows 2019 - the story so far

If you want to see all the windows so far but don't want to travel all over Toton they look below.

By the way our young people will be doing the walk on the 24th and would welcome anyone who wants to join us.

Advent Windows 2019 day 1Day One

God has proclaimed "Look, your saviour is coming."  Isaiah chapter 62; verse 11.

Advent Windows 2019 Day 2Day Two

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light.  Isaiah chapter 2; verse 9.

Day ThreeAdvent Windows 2019 day 3

The angel said "Mary, you will become pregnant and give birth to a son."  Luke chapter 1; verse 1.

Advent Windows 2019 day 4Day Four

Mary was engaged to Joseph - a carpenter from Nazareth.  Matthew chapter 1; verse 18.

Advent Windows 2019 day 5

Day Five

The angel said "you will name him Jesus."  Luke chapter 1; verse 31.