Toton Churches

Leadership Team

How is the Leadership Team made up?

The Leadership Team comprises:

The church elects four people to join the Leadership Team and, under our new Constitution, they are now elected by a ballot of the all the members of Toton Churches, instead of at the Annual Meeting (see above).   Elected members serve for a maximum of four years before taking a break. To ensure continuity on the team, arrangements are in place to create rolling terms of office so that each year there will normally be one vacancy to fill.   

Why hold an election?
The drawing of lots and elections are both biblical and enshrined in the arrangements within Methodism and the Church of England.  Sometimes, churches fight shy of elections, fearing that people may be upset if not elected or resentful if not selected.  However, we believe that members of Toton Churches should welcome the opportunity to stand in and hold elections.  A good number of nominees shows that a range of people are sensing a call to some form of leadership role in the church, and win or lose, we would hope to ensure all those who step out to be nominated find a way to express leadership in our churches both now and in the future. 

What is the Leadership Team for?
The TCC has recently restated the core principles underpinning the Leadership Team and how it should operate: 

  What does the Leadership Team do?
Leadership Team usually meets around three times a month currently on Tuesday evenings.  It spends its time:

The Team does not lead everything or do everything!   Its work is to hold together all that God is doing in Toton Churches, seek His Will for what to do, or stop doing, in the future, and support all members in their various ministries.  

Who is the Leadership Team responsible to?

The leadership team is responsible to Toton Churches Council (TCC). It reports to the Council and it implements decisions made by the Council.  Our revised Constitution is very clear that the TCC is the governing body of the churches and sets out clearly the responsibilities of the Stewards’ Group, the Warden’s Group and all other groups and teams, all of which are responsible to the TCC.  All members of the leadership team (except our Ministers) are subject to periodic election so are accountable to the membership as a whole.

Leadership Team Election Results June 2018

Lynne Pearson has been elected to fill the vacant elected place on the Leadership Team, for a 4  year term: 2018/22.

No ballot will be necessary this year as Lynne’s was the only nomination received. We are grateful to Lynne for standing, and we assure her of our payers as she begins this further term as an elected member of the Leadership Team.