Toton Churches

St Peter's Church Leadership Team

How is the Leadership Team made up?

The Leadership Team comprises:

The church elects four people to join the Leadership Team by a ballot of all the members of St Peter's.  Elected members serve for a maximum of four years before taking a break. To ensure continuity on the team, arrangements are in place to create rolling terms of office so that each year there will normally be one vacancy to fill.   

What is the Leadership Team for?

  What does the Leadership Team do?
Leadership Team usually meets around three times a month currently on Tuesday evenings.  It spends its time:

The Team does not lead everything or do everything!   Its work is to hold together all that God is doing in Toton Churches, seek His Will for what to do, or stop doing, in the future, and support all members in their various ministries.  

Who is the Leadership Team responsible to?

The leadership team is responsible to St Peter's Parish Church Council (PCC). It reports to the Council and it implements decisions made by the Council.   All members of the leadership team (except our Minister) are subject to periodic election so are accountable to the membership as a whole.