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The Power of Prayer

Prayer is a key part of the Christian faith, and is much more than us talking to God with a shopping list of wants. Prayer is answered, but if all we do is tell God what we have done and want, He doesn't get a chance to get a word in edgeways! Set a side time to listen as well as talk to God and prayer really does become something intimate and personal with God.

Toton Churches Day or Prayer - Saturday 19th September 2020

Although we are unable to have groups meeting together for prayer we can still spend time individually with God and see what He wants to tell us in Toton.  The prayer team have put together afew ideas which can be downloaded here.  Please find some time that day to come close to God, tell Him what's on your mind and listen to what's on His.  If you think He is saying something to the Church in Toton please pass it on the the prayer team.

Regular Events - due to Covid-19 all of our corporate prayer events are suspended at present. 

Throughout the year we offer various times for corporate prayer when we can gather as members of our churches to pray together for the differing ministries within the churches and the wider community. There is no obligation to pray out loud if that is not your style. 

Everyone is welcome at the following regular gatherings:

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Toton Churches Monthly Prayer Focus

A focus point for prayer, based on a verse of scripture, will be shared each month to enable us all to pray for the spiritual life and mission of Toton Churches when and where we are able. Please use the following prayer focus whenever you meet together or in your personal prayer times; and may we see God's power released in our churches and this community.  

Prayer Focus for September:

We were due to gather together for our Space For God away day next Saturday the 19th September. Due to the current restrictions we are now unable to do that but we can still gather together in spirit and each create some Space For God where we are. So instead, next Saturday, Toton Churches are having a day of prayer when we are encouraging everyone to set some time aside during the day and create a Space For God in whatever way is right for you to pray for our nation, communities and church. There are some ideas in the attached sheet if you would find those helpful, and may you know God’s peace as you spend time in his presence. Below you can download a prayer sheet if you would find that helpful.

Making Space for God - Prayer sheet

Toton Churches Prayer Circle

People who commit to pray for people or issues of concern. Prayer requests remain confidential within the circle. Requests can be passed to the team by emailing, by contacting the Church Office  or  Gill Dann or Jeanne Page.