Toton Churches

Regular Sunday Worship

8.30 at St Peters is a more traditional service, usually with hymns and organ-style accompaniment. The service uses modern language, except for the 3rd Sunday in the month. The congregation at this service tends to be older, because there are no children’s groups alongside it.

10.30 at both churches is a chance to worship in a less formal way. A data-projector is used instead of books and a music group accompanies a mixture of hymns and more modern songs. This might be called our main service on the grounds that it attracts the larger number of people. All ages are well represented and there are arrangements for babies, children and teens to have their own separateMessy Church groups for part of the service. Once a month, usually on the third Sunday, we have a joint All Age Service which is aimed at everyone so we don't need to split up!

 And on the first Sunday of the month we have the very popular Messy Church held at Toton Methodist Church.

Just Worship

We offer an occasional Sunday evening hour of musical praise and worship at St. Peter’s. Just Worship is an opportunity to take some time out for God – joining in with songs, both familiar and new and using the space provided to simply rest in Him and receive from Him. We pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us as we respond to the amazing love and sacrifice of Jesus.

Tea and Worship

Tea and Worship takes place on the first Sunday of the month at Toton Methodist Church at 4pm

The Hour

The Hour  takes place every fourth Sunday of each month at St Peter’s Church, with refreshments from 6.30pm for a 7pm start. The service has a contemporary feel, and everyone is very welcome to come along to this different expression of worship.


Other Worship

See the newsletter for up to date information and here and here for regular  prayer gatherings.

Get Involved

If you want to be more involved in our services please use the "contact us" page. We are always looking out for musicians, stewards and sidespeople and sound and projector operators. The more of us there are, the less often we will be "on duty". Training will be offered in all roles.

Services: August  - November 2018

St P-St Peter's; TM- Toton Methodist Church; CW- Common Worship; BCP - Book of Common Prayer

23 December08:30Holy Communion (BCP) St P
10:30Morning WorshipSt P
10:30Holy Communion TM
18:00Joint Carol ServiceTM
24 December15:00ChristingleSt P
17:00ChristingleSt P
23:30Joint Christmas CommunionSt P
25 December10:00Joint Christmas Morning WorshipTM
30 December08:30Holy Communion (CW) St P
10:30Joint Morning Worship TM
6 January08:30Holy Communion (CW) St P
10:30Joint Morning Worship St P
10:30Messy Church TM
16:00Tea and Worship TM
13 January08:30Morning Prayer (CW) St P
10:30Holy Communion (CW) St P
10:30 Morning Worship TM
20 January08:30Holy Communion (CW) St P
10:30Joint All Age WorshipSt P
10:30Joint Morning Worship TM
27 January08:30Holy Communion (BCP)St P
10:30Joint Covenant and Communion Service TM
19:00The HourSt P
3 February08:30Holy Communion (CW) St P
10:30Joint Morning Worship St P
10:30Messy Church TM
16:00Tea and WorshipTM
10 February08:30Morning Prayer (CW) St P
10:30Holy Communion (CW)St P


 Morning Worship


3.30Sweaty Church at TM
17 February08:30Holy Communion (CW) St P
10:30Joint All Age Worship St P
10:30Joint Morning Worship TM
24 February08:30Holy Communion (BCP) St P
10:30Morning Worship St P
10:30Holy Communion TM
19:00The HourSt P