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Connect Groups

Our small groups are called Connect Groups as they are designed to help us connect with God, each other and the wider community we live in. A small group is simply a meeting of around 10 people in someone's house. They meet at various times  and are are based around the five core values:

If you want to find out more about these groups or are interested in joining one or would like to visit a group to see if its for you ask at a service or send an enquiry through the Contact Us page of this website.

Connect Group Themes:February - April 2020

Hosea – God’s constant love, perfect justice and infinite mercy .A paper-based series of five studies taking the group through Hosea’s life and the things he learnt through various things that happened to him; and what we might learn from them too! 

Samson - this DVD series ‘There are no strong people’ has 4 sessions filmed on location in Israel. Jeff Lucas walks in the footsteps of Samson and helps us understand more of this mysterious, confused and blessed man. It explores some vital principles for living well in the 21st century and some lessons we can learn from this Old Testament Character.

Each session has a thought-provoking 15-minute film followed by 6 or 7 questions to start discussion and challenge us. Will you conclude that Samson was a hero or a villain?

Discipleship Opportunities 2020

Unpacking the Bible 

Learn more about and from the Bible,  and how God speaks to us through His Word.  Suitable for those beginning to explore how to read the Bible as well as those looking to take a fresh look at the Word of God.  Running Feb - March 2020 

Listening Skills

An opportunity to learn about and practise skills to help us be better active listeners in groups, with individuals or when talking with a friend or family member.  Running Summer 2020

Parentalk and Puddings

A DVD led course offering the chance to meet with other parents, and share ideas for every type of parenting situation whether on your own, as step-parents or as a couple. 

 We are asking if parents may be interested in Parentalk -The Teenage Years  or a repeat of the course  Parentalk—The Primary Years which ran successfully this summer.

Running May-June 2020