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SPACE FOR YOUth @ Toton Churches

SPACE FOR YOUth” is the inclusion of the Youth programme in the wider church life & activity by making SPACE FOR YOUth:


There are two main groups meeting each week:

Youth Barbecue 2016SPACE FOR YOUth Club meets on Friday nights at Toton Methodist Church, 8.15 -9.45 pm, for anyone in Years 6 to 9.

The group meets to Chat & Chill and to enjoy time together, with a chance to take part in a range of games, challenges, theme nights & special “off site” events. Subs are £1.50 per week.

Youth Barbecue 2016Illumin8 meets during the 10.30 am services in the youth room at St Peter’s church and is open to 11-14 year olds.  It is Bible based and involves a mix of chat, video, games with a ready supply of hot chocolate.  

Find Out More:  Contact the youth team  

We also have SPACE FOR YOUth 18+Space for YOUth 18+ - if you are over 18!  

Contact us and we'll get back to you with details. 

18+ Christmas Drinks at Browns

Prayer SPACE for YOUth

We are unable to meet this month but please continue to pray for our youth during this difficult time. They are waiting, wondering, working. 

Pray for all children and young people associated with our churches through Zone, Messy Church, Youth Club and Illumin8, remembering their leaders too.

Thanks to you who are growing  SPACE for YOUth in your prayers.

 For more information please contact Keith Murray or email  

Past Events

Naturally Supernatural 2017

Photo review click here

It's Your Move

In July 96 Year 6 pupils from local schools came to St Peters  as they prepared for their 

It's Your Move Logo

move to Secondary School 

Year 6 pupils preparing to move to Secondary School at St Peters

Toilet Twinned by our SPACE FOR YOUth Club

Last year we raised £60 by holding a fun "Toilet Party" during youth club as well as by parents making donations at the end of term family barbecue.  There was much giggling and squeals of "that's really gross!" as the youngsters became involved in the toilet-themed activities, such as Pinning the Flush on the Toilet, Pees in the Potty (using dried peas, straws and well-disinfected potties!),

Youth Club Toilet Twin Certificate showing photo of toilet in the CongoToilet Paper Challenge (wrapping each other in toilet paper) and various themed quizzes including Who Has BEEN in my Garden?  After showing a short video explaining the work of the charity and interviewing people who had been provided with a toilet, thus improving their health and well-being, the youngsters were very keen to be able to help.

More information at

The certificate we recently received is to be hung in the Methodist church and shows "our" actual latrine in Democratic Republic of Congo.

18+ Christmas  Drinks and Nibbles at Browns 2016

A great night was had at Browns Nottingham with nine, 18+ having drinks and nibbles. It was a great opportunity to catch up with those that had just finished their first term at uni, those that are in their last year working hard writing dissertations/ final projects and those in between. Next get together at Easter!

18+ Christmas drinks at Browns 201618+ Christmas drinks at Browns 2016

Christmas Hot Choc Giveaway  December 2016

 The Youth Team gave away HOT CHOCOLATE to students on their way to school

Hot Choc Giveaway 2016

Hot Choc Giveaway outside Toton Methodist Church

Going & Coming Barbecue 2016

 Youth Going and Coming BBQ 2016

Everyone Has a Story Community Week  July 2016

Everyone Has  a Story youth leafleet

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Youth Weekend Poster